Create your own SPECIFIC™ approved stickers

Ask for a free design of your SPECIFIC™ stickers!

You want to comply with French regulations for motorbike helmets by sticking SPECIFIC™ aesthetic retro-reflective stickers but you can't find your helmet model?

EDS MOTO© offers you to create your own free of charge.

We are continually working on new approved helmet kits, however it is possible that we have not yet designed one for your helmet model. If this is the case and you would like to get a SPECIFIC™ sticker kit for your helmet model, we offer you to participate in the development of this new kit.

For the design of each sticker and kit in the SPECIFIC™ range we need the helmet in our workshops. Our design technique is similar to that of a motorbike design. We need to read, analyse, touch the curves of the helmet to design the stickers to the ideal shape for your model.

If you want a REPLICA™ kit, the procedure will be the same, however we only need the basic sticker kit for your helmet model.

Procedure for creating your kit:

1- You must have / create an EDS MOTO© account.

2- Contact us via our contact page specifying your wish to make a SPECIFIC™ or REPLICA™ kit for your helmet model as well as the colour you want it in (Black or White / Silver)

Please specify your helmet model including the design if there is one.

3- We will give you our agreement for this project by email.

4- Pack your helmet or the sticker kit in its original box or in a box of sufficient size, protecting it as much as possible.

5- After our approval of the project, send us your helmet or your original kit to the following address:

7 rue de la République
25630 Sainte-Suzanne
Here is an example of a carrier: Colissimo

The price of a helmet weighing less than 2kg with tracking is about 9€ TTC. It may vary depending on the carrier.

We also advise you to take out insurance for the value of your helmet. This will cover you in case of loss of the package.

ATTENTION: We specify that in case of damage, loss or theft during transport, EDS MOTO© cannot be held responsible. You will be able to return the parcel and take the necessary steps with the carrier.

6- As soon as we receive your package at our company, the total working time is about 3 weeks.

We will propose you a first version by email and we will be able to carry out modifications only once according to your comments.

The working time can be longer depending on your reactivity to answer us.

7- Once your product is finished, we will create your order and you will receive an email with a link for the payment of the delivery costs.

The stickers are offered to you in the colour you have chosen, only the shipping costs are at your charge.

ATTENTION: We specify that in case of damage, loss or theft during transport, EDS MOTO© cannot be held responsible. You will be able to return and make the steps with the carrier.

8- Upon confirmation of your payment, we will ship your helmet with your product packaged free.

What is our interest?

You may be wondering what our interest is in offering you your stickers.

Our goal is to have you participate in the design of some of our future products. By lending us your helmet or kit and giving us your opinion, you will be helping us to develop your future product.

Afterwards, we will put on sale this new kit of approved stickers. You also agree that we can take photos of your helmet that we can use for our communication on social networks and on our website.

We guarantee you the most respectful use of your equipment.

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