Comment fabriquer vos propres stickers ?

How to make your own stickers?

When we set up EDS MOTO©, we wanted to meet your needs! Two important points emerged from our studies:

  • Your desire to personalise your vehicles so that they reflect your image.
  • The desire to improve your safety without neglecting style.

These two points can go hand in hand, and it was with this in mind that we launched our first products: SPECIFIC™ stickers for your helmet model. 

And we haven't stopped there, since we've recently been working on personalising and styling your two-wheeler with our wheel rim stickers. 

However, we are aware that new product development takes time and you can't wait on us to fit you out all the time.

For example, you've just bought the new SHARK SPARTAN RS helmet and you'd like some SPECIFIC™ stickers to outfit you in a more aesthetically pleasing and discreet way than the ones that come with your helmet. Unfortunately we haven't developed this sticker kit yet, so you won't be waiting several months for your homologated stickers. We have therefore decided to offer you our raw material in board form so that you can make your own stickers for :

  • Customise your bike
  • Certifying your helmet
  • Improving the visibility and safety of your motorbike and helmet
  • Aesthetics and safety on the bike
  • Decoration, safety and play for your children



So that you can make your own stickers perfectly and easily, we're going to explain all the steps involved in making them.

Please note that these steps apply to all types of DIY stickers, whether you want to make a star, a number, writing or even a fairy for your child. Only the difficulty of execution will change.

Before you start, we'd like to remind you of the tools you'll need to make your stickers: 

  1. Pencil
  2. White leaves
  3. Scotch 
  4. Sharp scissors and/or cutter
  5. A printer and computer (not compulsory).
  6. Soft glove (to avoid damaging the material)

Now you can follow each step to make your own stickers to perfection! Don't forget to do a small test in a corner of your board to get used to the different manipulations.

Tous les outils nécessaires pour réaliser vos propres stickers avec les planches autocollantes DIY™ de chez EDS MOTO


Stage 1: The choice

You need to know what stickers you want to make. Ideally, you should know all the stickers you want in advance, as well as their dimensions, so that you can place them correctly on your board.

If you don't know how to use all the space at once, you'll have to make your sticker on one edge of your board to leave yourself the possibility of making others.

Once you've decided on the shapes and their placement on the board, you can move on to the design stage.


Stage 2: The model

Before cutting the board, you need to create your template so that the cut you make is as perfect as possible.

There are two ways of doing this: either you draw your design on a blank sheet of paper, or you make a print of your design, as shown in our example.

Once your design is ready, move on to the pre-cutting stage.

Feuille avec les modèles pour la découpe de vos propres stickers sur les planches DIY™ de chez EDS MOTO


Stage 3: Pre-cutting

Tape your template to the vinyl side (retro-reflective, phosphorescent, etc.) of your DIY board, in the place you defined in step 1. We recommend that you tape all 4 edges of your template, even if this isn't very economical, as it will prevent the sheet from moving or folding and causing you to miss your cut-out.

*After step 4, clean your board with a soft cloth to remove the glue from the tape if necessary.

Scotchez votre modèle sur la feuille DIY™ de chez EDS MOTO pour découper et créer votre stickers


Stage 4: Cutting

Now that everything's ready, grab your best scissors or sharpest cutter and follow the lines on your template to cut it out.

Your sticker is now CUT OUT!

Congratulations, you're now a DIY pro! Now all you have to do is stick your sticker wherever you want!

To find out all our tips and tricks for sticking your stickers, just read our article.

Votre propre stickers réalisé avec les planches DIY™ de chez EDS MOTO


Approved helmet stickers

If you want to use our DIY cutting boards to make your own approved helmet stickers, there are a few points to bear in mind.

As you will have realised, all you need to do to make your own approved helmet stickers is to follow the 4 steps outlined above. However, in order to follow the correct regulatory dimensions we advised you to cut out a piece of cardboard or a sheet of paper : 

  • A circle 4 cm in diameter
  • A rectangle 6.25 cm long and 2 cm wide

So in Step 2 you can place either the circle or the rectangle you've made inside the stickers you've designed or printed to check that their size is approved.

To calculate the mandatory 18 cm2, you can either use free software like inkscape for example or we advise you to take a margin of 0.5cm in relation to the edges of the circle and rectangle you've cut out.

To find out all our tips and tricks for sticking your stickers, just read our article

Comment réaliser ses propres stickers casques homologués avec les planches à découper DIY™ de chez EDS MOTO?




Use soft gloves to avoid damaging your board during the various stages of handling.


Before making your final sticker, carry out a test by following all the steps with a small shape in one corner of your board. This will prevent you from making a mistake and, above all, will train you to place your sheet correctly during step 3.


The smaller the stickers you make, the more difficult it will be to cut them out. It's best to make stickers at least 7 cm long by 5 cm wide.


As with the size of your stickers, the more complex the shape, the more difficult it will be to cut them out. We advise you to make shapes that you think you can achieve.


If you want to cut out part of the inside of your sticker (in the centre, for example), it's best to do so with a sharp cutter.

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