Comment choisir ses stickers homologués pour casque ?

How to choose your approved helmet stickers?


You want to ride a two-wheeler in France but you don't yet have any approved stickers for your helmet! This article will help you make the best choice to comply with French regulations and improve your safety at the same time.
At the end of this article, you'll know which quality to choose according to your needs, which colour to choose according to your tastes and, above all, which approved stickers are right for you.
If you're not yet familiar with the regulations for two-wheelers in France, we invite you to read our article : Motorcycle helmet and reflective stickers legislation in FRANCE.



If the style of your helmet is of little importance to you and your sole aim is to comply with the regulations while improving your visibility.

The stickers that are right for you generally come in simple shapes (square, round, oval, stripe, etc.) and are attractively priced (under €10).

At EDS MOTO©, we offer you range of BASIC™ approved stickers made from the best material on the market (3M Scotchilte), all for under €10 to meet all your needs.


Not only do you want to be better seen and comply with French regulations, you also want your stickers to remain discreet during the day on your beautiful new helmet.

The type-approved reflective stickers best suited to you come in a variety of shapes, with the option of choosing black or white.

EDS MOTO© has created the following ranges for you GENERIC™ and REPLICA™ both made from 3M Scotchlite and for less than 10€!


You're looking for perfection, stickers that will certify your helmet with style and/or discretion so as not to ruin your splendid helmet!
You need a set of approved stickers designed specifically for your model of helmet, made from the best material available and in a choice of approved colours.
Especially for you and your helmet, EDS MOTO© has developed the SPECIFIC™ range made from 3M Scotchlite. Each sticker is shaped to fit a unique helmet model.

Stickers GENERIC STICK™ réfléchissant 3M Scotchlite sur un casque shark d'un motard en Yamaha MT 07 de nuit


Before talking more specifically about quality, it should be noted that French regulations specify the mandatory light intensity coefficient that each sticker must achieve: coef of 100 for a lighting angle of 0°, coef of 60 for an angle of 20° and a coef of 25 for an angle of 40°. If the stickers do not comply with these coefficients, they cannot be approved.

The quality of the reflective material is very important:

  • Approval of your stickers
  • The lifespan of your stickers
  • The distance from which you will be seen
  • Easy installation of your stickers

There are several brands of reflective materials, the best known being 3M Scotchlite and ORAFOL. These 2 German brands provide everyone with data on luminous intensity, guaranteed lifespan and visibility distance (over 130 metres), and their reputation is well established. In competition, there are a huge number of Chinese brands that make their own reflective materials, most of which don't provide any data, so it's difficult to guarantee anything with these products.

We can only advise you to turn to products made from well-known materials such as 3M Scotchlite or ORAFOLE, for example. Of course, you have to bear in mind that these materials are generally expensive, but you are guaranteed to comply with regulations and have a lifetime guarantee of at least 6 years, if not more. You can always choose the cheapest products made from unknown materials, but you'll never get the same guarantees. Don't forget that your safety is at stake.

At EDS MOTO© we only use 3M Scotchlite, which is considered to be the best material on the market for all our helmet stickers.




According to the regulations, only white retro-reflective colours are approved. Black is a material that retro-reflects to white when illuminated by a light source.

This colour is perfect for dark helmets; it camouflages perfectly on gloss black and is virtually invisible on matt black.

If you want to create a contrast on your light-coloured helmets, you can always choose black stickers so that they stand out and create a style all of their own.

Stickers BASIC STRIP™ noir en grand - EDS MOTO


You can't go wrong with white/silver retro-reflective stickers, which are required by law to be white.

These stickers are marked white/silver because they are not completely white. It is impossible to obtain a perfect white for this type of material, so they are slightly silvered.

We recommend this colour for all light-coloured helmets, as it goes perfectly well with light grey.

This type of colour on dark helmets is not to our taste, but if you want to make your stickers stand out and give them a style, don't hesitate!

Stickers BASIC STRIP™ blanc en grand - EDS MOTO 


There are 2 types of sticker for this type of approved sticker kit: single-stick or repositionable stickers.

Single-stick stickers can't be peeled off, so once they've been stuck on they can't be repositioned. They look perfectly smooth, are very easy to stick and have a guaranteed lifespan of at least 6 years.

As for repositionable stickers, they can be peeled off within the first 24 hours to be repositioned if necessary (this can sometimes cause the sticker to tear), they are more complex to stick, can bend or tear, they have a lifetime guarantee that is normally the same as a single sticker (the length of time they remain stuck will depend on the number of times you peel them off) and their appearance is not perfectly smooth. To enable the sticker to be removed, there is a curved grid on the material.

In the end, the choice will depend on the complexity of the sticking and the style you want to achieve. If your stickers have simple shapes and aren't too big (like most helmet stickers), we advise you to choose single-stickers. If your stickers have complex shapes and are large, then it may be better to choose repositionable stickers.

Whether you've chosen single-stick or repositionable stickers, we've created an article for you. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE to ensure a perfect bond and a long service life.

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